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Susan's House of Magic
3149 Bruckner Blvd.
(off Waterbury Avenue)
Bronx, NY 10461
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Client Testimonials


Erica, Bronx, NY - From the first time I saw this site and went to see it in person, I felt a connection and knew I needed to have my daughter's surprise graduation party here. Susan, Alex, and Sadie were excellent and did so much for so little to make my daughter's day so special. She even had a red carpet entrance! Wonderful hospitality, splendid host and hostess duo equals a great accomplishment. Job well done and still in awe of the crafty work Ms. Susan did to bring the event to life. Thank you for all that was done. I loved everything. I wish I could have another event just to have at Susan's House of Magic.....truly magic indeed.

Eli, Manhattan, NY - "Our bowling dinner was great.  Everyone on our league loved your room and our year-end event was so much more than we expected".

Keesha, Kevin & Kamari, Bronx, NY - "You and your team were amazing.  Thank you for everything.  You helped make the party a dream come true".

Vilma, Bronx, NY - "The minute I walked into your establishment, I felt it was the right place for my daughter's baby shower."

Anthony, Bronx, NY - "My wife's baby shower was unforgettable, thanks to Susan and her hostess for all their hard work."

Roberto, Bronx, NY - "My daughter had the time of her life on her 8th birthday because of Susan."

Joel, Bronx, NY - "My son's 1st birthday was exactly what my wife and I envisioned.  The service was impecable and the magician was amazing."

Jessica, Bronx, NY - "I knew the minute I walked in, that this was the place to have my baby shower.  My event was beautiful and I'm so greatful to God for helping me find this place."

Doris, Bronx, NY - "My daughter's baby shower couldn't have been more perfect.  Thank you Susan."

John, Yonkers, NY - "Your hall has such a warm, cozy and inviting feel to it.  I knew my family and friends would love this place.  I'm really glad we decided to throw my 50th birthday party at Susan's House.  It was definetly the right choice."




"We are entering into our 15th year (in 2023) at Susan's House and I want to take this time to express my gratitude to all my clients that have made being in this business so incredibly rewarding for me.  I take great pride in delivering on my promise that each and every event at Susan's House will be elegant, affordable and unforgettable.  I have asked every single booker since I opened in 2009, "What can I do to improve?".  They've all said the same thing - "Nothing".

I want to take this time to say thank you to all my loyal customers who have blessed me with their friendship.  We collectively understand the meaning of "celebration" - it's a coming together of hearts and souls for the distinct purpose of honoring someone great.  It truly is the most important thing in the world.  My job is to keep it affordable so that you can have the elegance you want, at the price you want to pay, and offer all the amenities that other venues don't offer.

God bless all the new moms and their newborns; God bless all the young, beautiful children who've given me the opportunity to be a part of their most sacred day and God bless all the families and friends that have shared these special events.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for entrusting me with such an important job.  It is my privilege to continue to service you and deliver memorable occasions and create unforgettable memories."

Susan Meliti

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